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This diagram shows the main topics covered by arc42.

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Please report any issues or bugs in our GitHub repository. You can do that without registration or login!

arc42 Templates

 Online / WikiVersionDownload
(via dropbox)
arc42 template in English6.1

We created an introductory example (HtmlSanityChecker) to give an impression how arc42 could look like ...

arc42 Template auf Deutsch6.0
 arc42 Template Deutsch7.0

update currently under internal review. Structure will remain unchanged, numerous corrections to help text. To be released Jan/Feb 2016

  • AsciiDoc (master version)
  • docx
  • xmind (Mindmap)
  • Confluence


arc42 template in Spanish

work in progress,
Microsoft Word version currently completed.



please report problems or issues in our Github issue tracker.


arc42 Examples

Want to see arc42 "in action"? See the architecture of real systems, communicated in arc42 style and structure? This is your place to read on... 

(oops - also under construction, we're busy adding further content here!)




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